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Image by Ria Puskas


Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a writer, teacher, editor, and researcher.


I’ve been correcting people’s written expression since I was in high school, when I used to sit in a classroom at lunch time and give my peers feedback on their English assignments. 


When I was a twenty-something-year-old administrator having my ‘quarter life crisis’, quitting my job to study to be an English and history teacher seemed like a logical next step. From there, I went straight into academia, where my favourite parts of the job were always about words – writing, speaking, developing lessons, and helping students and colleagues with their written and spoken work. I developed a reputation for eagle-eyed editing, compelling prose, and effective feedback.


I’ve had an eclectic career. Museum shop assistant, war memorial receptionist, PR admin assistant, maternal and child healthcare receptionist, research centre administrator, teacher, research assistant, academic. At each of these steps along my path I picked up skills and knowledge that I bring to my business. I am organised, reliable, efficient, practical, creative, and highly empathetic. I am great at figuring out what it is you’re struggling to communicate, and finding the best way to communicate it.


I’m also highly ethical. And kind. Approachable. I’m the person you come to if you’re trying to tell a complex or contentious story, or if you’re in a difficult place.

You can read more about my background, including a list of my publications, in my CV.


I started my business as a way to spend more time doing the things I’m most passionate about. You can read more about my services here. If you need something a little different, or you want to ask me some questions, you can contact me at or 0402 655 260. I'll only say yes to a job if I know I can do it brilliantly.

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