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This page provides an outline of my services in writing, editing, research, and learning design. Please contact me for more information about how I can help you.


I love to write. I particularly love to write in clear and compelling language that appeals to - and connects with - diverse audiences. I can help you with reports, educational materials, histories, websites, blog posts, speeches, resumes, and a range of other documents. Contact me to discuss your project and for an obligation-free quote.



None of us are perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling, and editing can help to polish your written work until it shines. Editing can be basic (proofreading), a little more involved (copyediting), or really detailed (structural editing). Thesis editing is slightly different again, in that it follows the specific guidelines of the Institute of Professional Editors (which you can read here) and your institution's policies.



I'm an educational researcher and a qualified historian, and I generally work with qualitative, interpretive methodologies. I bring a strong understanding of theory to all of my research work, but I prefer to communicate in ways that are accessible to general audiences, because that's where research has the most impact.


Learning design

Like my writing, my courses and lessons are designed to be accessible, engaging and meaningful for the people taking them. My areas of expertise include inclusive education, social justice education, history, object-based learning, international education, and research methodology. I'm adept at both face-to-face and online/blended learning and teaching.

Let's Work Together

Contact me at for more information or for an obligation free quote for your project. 

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