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Writing services

Writing services include educational content writing, learning/instructional design, pedagogical strategy and development, resource development, research translation, and any other written work that falls within my expertise.

Educational content writing

Educational content writing includes the writing of all texts and scripts associated with learning and teaching. It includes blog posts, articles, lesson plans, and program materials. 

Pedagogical strategy

For those developing any kind of educational program, a solid underpinning pedagogical approach is the difference between a run of the mill course offering and a program that engages, inspires, and includes. I support program designers to develop a set of pedagogical priorities for all kinds of learners.

Research translation

For your research to be useful, it needs to reach the people who can use it. I work with researchers and academics to translate complex research findings and theory into language that makes sense to the audiences who need your knowledge. This takes the form of reports, presentations, and a range of other written and audio-visual formats.

Learning design

My expertise in learning design allows me to design your programs to be as effective, engaging, and inclusive as possible. I can work from scratch, researching and developing content with your feedback along the way, or you can provide me with content that I can use to build your educational programs.


Educational resources and materials are more complex than they seem, and I draw on extensive knowledge of pedagogy and practice to ensure that resources are suited to different audiences. Resources might include teaching packages, activities, informational texts, and many other materials used in teaching and learning.

Et cetera

Most of the clients I write for need a combination of these kinds of writing (and some need something different entirely). Contact me below or book a free chat if you'd like to discuss your project.

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